Day Seventeen, Friday, August 13th, Myrtle Beach Yacht Club to Southport:

Cast off – perfect exit around surrounding boats.
Pass tiny Cricket Cove Marina.
Swarmed by pontoon boats out of the harbor.
Next stop – North Carolina!
Pass casino cruise ships, and slow traffic.
Daily Panic...   As we finally reach area where we can go at decent speed, we are hailed on VHF radio by the local sheriff, and reprimanded for making too wide a wake.  Relentless is now infamous.  However, the jet skis LOVE us.  They use our wake as a jumping board.  Technically illegal for jet skis, but no sheriff action for them.  Back to 8kts, too much congestion.  

We cross into North Carolina waters !!!!!  

Very developed area, jammed with small boats.
Cross the supposed dangerous Shallotte Inlet.  Not so dangerous.
Holden Beach Marina at tall bridge.  Pass a floating Tiki hut.  Really!
Passing Oak Island.
Arrive in Southport!  
Second Daily Panic...   Confusion at dock – we must move to second slip and stern in to connect electric.  Dock Master comes out to explain.  Very nice reception here.   Check in and clean boat where first docking attempt left scuff marks.  Head for shower.
Lunch at Fishy Fishy.  Amazing salad.  John has daily special – blackened Grouper.  We spring for celebratory dessert – for each of us !!!  We never order two desserts.  Key Lime Pie for me, and Molten Lava Chocolate cake for John.
Wander around waterfront.  Really lovely southern town.   Southern rock band playing at local’s bar.  Maybe we’ll check it out…. Later, after naps.
End of Sunset
End of Sunset
Our new home in Southpport
Our new home in Southpport
Storm damage... not Relentless
Storm damage... not Relentless
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