Without overstating, this has been one of the most profound experiences of our lives.  Especially for such a short segment of time.  In the seventeen days we spent traveling on Relentless, we have learned through trial and error - mostly error; been terrified, confused, frustrated, and humbled by how much we just don’t know.
And now, we feel a sincere sense of gratitude and freedom.  We did it!  Two decrepit, old people, with absolutely zero experience or understanding, piloted our too-big-for-us boat 500 nautical miles. We asked lots of questions; we made lots of mistakes; we figured it out; we just trusted – each other and the boat.   With minimal injuries, both physical and mental.
Would we do it again?  Absolutely not!  But, we’re glad we did it this time.
What’s next?  We’re happy here in Southport.  We signed a six-month slip lease today.  Maybe now we can really enjoy Relentless.  While the initial journey is complete, the adventure continues...
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