Day Fourteen, Tuesday, August 10th:

Leave Georgetown, on our way to Osprey Marine, around Myrtle Beach. 9 am.  Leaving at high tide.
Calm, humid morning.  Puffy clouds.  Glassy waterway – wide and deep.
Learned my lesson; made marina reservations for TWO days in advance.
More trees, wide open vistas.  Another alligator sighting!
Pass Heritage Plantation Marina – cute and small – welcome sign for transients.
Come upon pair of sailboats motoring side by side, plus oncoming boat = traffic jam.
Pretty scenery – large southern style homes nestled back from the shore.-
Landscape becoming dense canyon of forest.
No bugs!
Daily Panic...   Turn into channel for Osprey Marina.  Very narrow, one side lined with docked boats.  And, of course, there’s a boat coming right at us.  Navigate our way around approaching boat.
Docking instructions change – now we’re to park in a slip.  Stern in.  Next to a huge, 80ft boat.
Second Daily Panic...   Frantic maneuvering.  Another obnoxious Dock Master shouting instructions, mostly incorrect.  We have learned how to maneuver Relentless, and dock her in spite of idiots.  Complete mayhem.
All’s well that ends well.  However, a few harrowing moments.  We came WAY too close to our neighboring huge boat.
All good now.  Check in.  Get our welcome bag full of convenience store snacks. 
Soon after I enter the marina office, I am subjected to a ten-minute ridicule tirade from the dock staff.  Unbelievable!  Already sorry we stopped here.
Nasty shower.   Pizza delivery almost didn’t happen because of marina’s very poor cell service.
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