Day Fifteen, Wednesday, August 11th:

Leave/escape Osprey Marina around 9 am.  Hot and humid.
Hail swing bridge for passage.  Easy.
Continued forest lined waterway, Waccamaw River.
River front neighborhood of party houses; Key West style architecture.  Lush landscaping, and every house has a pool. Lots of new construction.  More lavish homes, look more like resort estates. Extravagant patios with outdoor kitchens, bars, tiki huts. 
Pass opened train trestle bridge. 
Condos, hotels, even a pirate boat.  Marauding jet skis.
Even more palatial homes!!! Crowded golf courses.  It’s summer in Myrtle Beach.
Pass Grande Dunes Marina and  Pass Barefoot Marina – big boats, restaurants.  
Relentless likes 16kts!!!  Able to stretch between no-wake zones.
No bugs.  
Friendly bridge operator at Little River Swing Bridge.  Busy area with several water toy rental vendors.
Arrive at MB Yacht Club.  All good.  Must spin boat around to dock at end slip… exciting.  Dock Master even complimented my First Mate skills!  We’ll stay here for two days.  Need the rest.
Cool off in pool.  Showers, then lunch at Clarks.  John has hamburger, I have salad.  Friendly waiter, from Raleigh.
Nap time. 
Dinner on board – tacos; then cake.  Even get to watch The Americans.

Day Sixteen, Thursday, August 12, 2021:

Daily Panic...   Wake to ticking sound.  Forward AC needs work.  So much for our perfectly planned day.
On to laundry. And since we have to take the bed apart to work on the AC, I’ll wash the linens too.
Busy marina.  Many live-a-boards.  Chatty, friendly people.  Laundry room at capacity.
Finish work on AC.  John speaks to tech at Dometic.  Flush system.  Seems fixed. 
Lunch at Clark’s again.
Use self-service pump-out apparatus.  Crazy, and easy.
Dinner on board.   
Dip in pool, then showers.  Relax for the evening.
Watched another episode of Americans.  Enjoy internet while we have it.  Who knows if we’ll have connection at Southport.

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