Day Four, Saturday, July 31st, Morningstar Marina to Kilkenny Marina:

Leaving Morningstar, Navionics is still lost.  We follow other boats out of the marina.  Finally catch up to Navionics.  On our way to Kilkenny Marina.
Daily Panic...     sandbars and shallow water for about five miles.  Follow line of boats ahead.  Graze a sandbar, depth drops to 2.8 ft!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of weekend/small boats buzzing around us.  They must not need to heed red/green markers.
Choppy inlet.  White caps.  Relentless chugs along effortlessly.
Perfect docking.  Mean, nasty, old dock master.  Sleepy, dilapidated marina.  Scary showers.  Think we’ll pass tonight.
Dinner at Marker 107 – sat at the bar.  Amazing Key Lime Tart.
Quiet night for sleeping.

Captain John at the Helm

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