Someday we'll do something we already know how to do… but not today!

July, 2021.  Today we embark on a grand adventure, a journey from Jacksonville Florida to North Carolina. In a boat.  A boat which we have owned for about one month.  A boat that is appreciatively larger than any vessel we have ever owned before.  A boat that we will pilot northbound along the Intracoastal Waterway, exploring and experiencing a new approach to travel… all by ourselves.  We’ll stop every evening at a marina, check out our surroundings, and plan our next day’s track.   We’re nervous, excited, questioning our sanity… WE JUST CAN’T WAIT to get underway.

Join us for our maiden voyage aboard Relentless, a 48ft 1999 Tiara Express Cruiser, our floating home for the next three to four weeks.  We’ve just gotten her cleaned up, fixed up, and geared up for our journey.  We know we still have much to learn.  And we’re sure Relentless will teach us…we just hope she chooses gentle instruction; not crash courses or harsh chastisements.  At twenty-six thousand pounds, she’s a strong boat.  Hopefully strong enough to tolerate an eager, yet novice crew. 
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