Day Seven, Tuesday, August 3rd, Thunderbolt to Palmetto Bay HHI:  

 Nicer dock master today, even helped with fueling… a little.
  Daily Panic...   Difficult process, hoses hard to manage, gets stuck, fuel spills over outside of boat.  $750!!!!!  
Departure sequence.  Used the ‘loop’ method to cast off.  
More clouds, not so hot, Yeah! 
Wide open, green, marsh terrain. Scattering of trees.

Second Daily Panic...   Off the Nav line, make a U turn.

Pink winged crane flies by thru the marshes.
Maneuver around barge, hailed, received instructions.  One more skill accomplished.
Pass cute Freeport Marina – shops and restaurants
Crank up to 16knts!
Docking:  Face Dock; strong current.  Very patient dock master and dock hand – I threw bow line, and it fell like a rock into the water drenching the dock hand.  Yet another $20 tip.
Delicious crab cakes at Carolina Crab House, friendly, chatty waitress.  Purchased two cokes at shop just so I have appropriate tip money.
Cleaned slime from swim platform using the ‘On and Off’ product – works!
9pm surprise fireworks over water, then rain.
Lots of tourist boats up and down river.
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